Natural stone 

At Designastyle we specialise in world-wide natural stones, such as Basalt, Granite, Limestone, Marble and Travertine.

We also, have a range of natural stone claddings including schist and quartzite. Available in panels, suitable for cladding interior and exterior walls, columns and fire places. 

Our experienced tile installation team have the correct equipment and and the specialist experience to get the job done perfectly.

Product knowledge is especially important when dealing with natural store,

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The hardest common building stone making it exceptionally durable , colourfast and stain and scratch resistant. Granite varies greatly in colour form white to black and everything in between.


A volcanic stone featuring exceptional hardness and durability. Generally dark in colour, Grey to black


A sedimentary rock formed as a result of water, ice and wind patterns: composed of compacted sand with minerals determining it's colour. Traditionally yellow to brown


A form of limestone deposit precipitated from spring water or hot springs, featuring a distinctive grained effect and a 'swiss cheese' surface unless filled


A metamorphasised rock formed from limestone, featuring stunning veins. Traditionally thought of as black and white however it can vary in colour

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