Porcelain + Ceramic Tiles


Designastyle hand picks and imports exclusive ranges of high quality and in the latest trends of Italian porcelain and ceramic tiles. Designastyle has one of the most extensive tile ranges available for tiles in Christchurch.


Porcelain tiles are a strong and durable tile option. Porcelain tiles come in an extensive range of colours, sizes, style’s and finishes to suit every tiled space. Porcelain tiles are perfect for both commercial and residential use in all floor and wall areas.


Ceramic tiles are the ideal tile option for all wall areas and slightly less traffic areas including Kitchen splashbacks, shower walls and feature walls.


Create a sense of luxury and durability with carefully selected tiles that are not only beautiful, but also functional


Tiles areas in Kitchen and living rooms create a sense of space, calm and classic style. From flooring to splash backs and everything inbetween, let your tiles say as much or as little as you like


from BBQ areas to pool times and everything in between, tiles provide the sophistication and classic practacality for any condition. Slip resistant as we all as frost resistant products ensure your tiles ramain beautiful for longer

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