Tile accessories

Our vision is to provide your bathroom with product excellence that is unique in design, be it contemporary or traditional.

We are passionate about beautiful design, form and function and constantly source products to enhance and look for ways to improve and expand your bathroom areas. Offer you on-trend luxury for your bathroom.

Undertile heating

A great addition to any tiled area, or hard floor covering which provides an economic, effective, comfortable safe and a healthy heating option.

Radiant heat

Warms the whole room, with heat bouncing off the elements of the room. No loss of heat like other conventional heat sources.

F board

Is an insulation board 6m thick and promotes heat upwards so heat is not lost downwards into the slab. 

Point and channel drains

We have an extensive range of point and channel drains. 


Comes in 7 Finishes and 3 sizes , 800, 1000, 1200


Comes in 7 finishes and 1 size

Bathroom collection

Tranquillity at Designastyle is european-inspired, Australian-designed and manufactured, truly innovative simple and practical.

Our bathroom collections provide the domestic and commercial markets with premium quality bathroom products.

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