Tile maintenance & aftercare

At Designastyle we have an extensive range of smart products for sealing, cleaning, enhancing and restoring tiles, stone and grout. 

Talk to any of our team to select the right product for your tiles and wooden flooring.

Why seal? 

Sealers protect by putting a barrier between contaminants and the surface. Providing an on-going stain resistance for natural stone and grout. 

Sealant advantages:

- Water based

- Emit low or no VOC's

- Apply easily

Cleaner advantages:

- Safely removes stains, dirt and grease

- Restores appearance of neglected or heavy use areas

- Routine cleaners are non-acidic and wont damage stone, tile or grout.

Aqua Mix is the global leader with innovative care and maintenance solutions utilising unique, water-based formulas.

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